© D. Vansteene - Ecomusée du Bois-du-Luc
© D. Vansteene - Ecomusée du Bois-du-Luc
© S. Dhote - MBM Raid Bassin Minier
© S. Dhote - MBM Raid Bassin Minier

With ICI, visiting the French-Belgian mining basin becomes child’s play. A variety of complementary tools available for you to use.

Exploration map

ICI’s exploration map enables you to discover 160 sites that bear witness to our industrial culture. These 160 sites are divided up between five themed routes and three bicycle routes that can be explored according to your interests.

Exploration book

The map’s five themed routes are described in the exploration book and its 300 pages. Each of the 160 sites is accompanied by a presentation and practical information you can use to prepare your trip. It also features various original articles covering different themes to take you further into the industrial culture !

Exploration leaflets

ICI’s various routes are accompanied by exploration leaflets you can print yourself and which can be found in the "Tools available" section of each detailed presentation of a route selected using the "Find a route" search engine.


Available soon in English !
For the summer ICI has created an exploration tool without precedent available for downloading from the AppStore or for loan from The Pass and at Oignies !
You can use this geolocated multimedia guide for Iphone to explore a selection of the region’s sites. Between reality and virtual reality, these sites will be equipped with discovery routes of approximately 1 hour’s duration, during which you will be immersed into the industrial culture thanks to augmented reality and 3D.
A participant in your visit, you just need to go to ICI’s 3D map after your journey to review the photographs and comments you were invited to take and make during your tour !