© D. Vansteene - Ecomusée du Bois-du-Luc
© D. Vansteene - Ecomusée du Bois-du-Luc
© S. Dhote - MBM Raid Bassin Minier
© S. Dhote - MBM Raid Bassin Minier

With ICI, visiting the French-Belgian mining basin becomes child’s play. A variety of complementary tools available for you to use.

Exploration map

ICI’s exploration map enables you to discover 160 sites that bear witness to our industrial culture. These 160 sites are divided up between five themed routes and three bicycle routes that can be explored according to your interests.

Exploration book

The map’s five themed routes are described in the exploration book and its 300 pages. Each of the 160 sites is accompanied by a presentation and practical information you can use to prepare your trip. It also features various original articles covering different themes to take you further into the industrial culture !

Exploration leaflets

ICI’s various routes are accompanied by exploration leaflets you can print yourself and which can be found in the "Tools available" section of each detailed presentation of a route selected using the "Find a route" search engine.


Available soon in English !
For the summer ICI has created an exploration tool without precedent available for downloading from the AppStore or for loan from The Pass and at Oignies !
You can use this geolocated multimedia guide for Iphone to explore a selection of the region’s sites. Between reality and virtual reality, these sites will be equipped with discovery routes of approximately 1 hour’s duration, during which you will be immersed into the industrial culture thanks to augmented reality and 3D.
A participant in your visit, you just need to go to ICI’s 3D map after your journey to review the photographs and comments you were invited to take and make during your tour !
© M. Mathieu - Pass
© M. Mathieu - Pass

The tourist map

A diverse heritage

Bois du Cazier, Bois-du-Luc, Le Grand-Hornu and The Pass in the case of Belgium ; Lewarde historic mining centre, 11/19 colliery in Loos-en-Gohelle, Arenberg colliery in Wallers and 9/9bis colliery in Oignies in the case of France are 8 emblematic sites that are a perfect illustration of the diversity of ICI’s heritage. Around them, a multitude of other complementary sites highlight the region’s whole industrial heritage.

Themed routes

The 160 heritage sites are linked by five themed routes that act as an incentive to visit them :
Route 1 : ICI, from here and there... The journey taken by mankind, ideas and technology
Route 2 : To Pays de Vulcain, the artistic melting pot
Route 3 : "Marked" landscapes
Route 4 : Social struggle in action
Route 5 : The art of the engineer

Fresh air by bike

The map also offers you a choice of three routes by bicycle (one cross-border, one in Belgium and one in France). These three exceptional routes combine heritage and environmental discoveries and can be enjoyed by everyone : "Green route in a black country", "In the footsteps of Walloon know-how" and "A route from town to town".
© Écomusée du Bois-du-Luc
© Écomusée du Bois-du-Luc

The exploration book

A tool to add more detail to the tourist map.

The book extends the map’s multi-disciplinary approach and adds more detail. It gives overall meaning and understanding to the examples of our heritage included in the itineraries. The book is based around five cross-border themed routes, each of the routes being accompanied by a summary list of sites.
A series of themed inserts supplements ICI’s discovery, in this manner illustrating the cross-border identity of European industrial culture. These stops concern either an unusual aspect of the industrial experience or a more general phenomenon caused by industrialisation.

If you want to obtain the exploration book...

Order it from the following website :
Available in the Pass and Bois-du-Cazier shops
Price : €18.00
National postage rate (Belgium) : €1.77
International postage rate : €5.40
© Pass
© Pass

The exploration leaflets

The visits offered by ICI are all accompanied by leaflets you can download and print at home.

You can take this practical information, supplemented with photographs, maps and detailed explanations about the sites, with you during your visit.

Where can these exploration leaflets be downloaded from ?

Available soon !
Use the route search engine and download the leaflets from the route sheets selected (Exploration tools available section).
© Pass - Orbe
© Pass - Orbe
© S. Fredriksson - Orbe
© S. Fredriksson - Orbe
© C. Vrammout - Pass
© C. Vrammout - Pass


Available soon in English !

Mobil’ICI is a geolocated multimedia guide that brings an entertaining dimension to exploring the Industrial Culture Itinerary. It involves visitors in a totally immersive experience and helps improve their perception of the mining basin’s landscape in all its aspects.
Using interactive 3D technology, Mobil’ICI decodes the territory and supports visitors as they explore. The tool is intuitively user-friendly which makes using it easier when out and about.
An extended and diverse territorial offering
Mobil’ICI invites you to tour the Mining Basin’s major historical sites from end to end. It involves you in urban and natural discovery and in exploring the many remarkable heritage sites left by our region’s industrial past.
Adapt ICI
Mobil’ICI encourages users to explore the region and can be used to contribute to the transmission of this culture that unites us.
Before your visit, explore the landscape in 3D using the map and select the routes you wish to follow from the multimedia guide.
After your visit, you can log in to a personal space on this same 3D map and explore, in a real-life situation, the content collected during your visit.

How can you obtain Mobil’ICI ?

If you have an Iphone...
As from 21 July 2012, log in to the AppStore and download the application.
This application is extremely rich in content. Download the multimedia routes you want to follow using a WiFi connection on your mobile before going out and enjoy the full multimedia experience.
If you don’t have an iPhone...
Mobil’ICI is also available for loan as from 21 July 2012 !
ICI depends on a network of active partners to distribute the application to visitors. To take part in the adventure, you just need to go to the reception desk in these partner institutions (find out about their opening hours beforehand) and ask for Mobil’ICI. The device can be borrowed free of charge (one per family) in exchange for a security deposit.
Mobil’ICI’s distribution network is getting larger all the time.
Currently, Mobil’ICI can be accessed from :
> Pass
Rue de Mons 3 7080 Frameries (Belgium).
To find out its opening hours :
and soon...
> The 9-9 bis site in Oignies
> Bois du Cazier