A sensational route

An unforgettable journey

Visiting Belgian Hainaut and Nord-Pas de Calais with ICI, means taking part in a exciting adventure!

It took 150 years for these two regions to develop a shared landscape and practices, creating strong cultural links for the future throughout the whole mining basin.

A dynamic region

Numerous projects including the rehabilitation of industrial buildings and the creation of natural or landscaped spaces are being developed on either side of the frontier. ICI networks these initiatives and offers you unique tools you can use to explore the region.

Partners, ideas…

An initiative promoted by six partner institutions : the Pass, Bois du Cazier, Bois-du-Luc eco-museum, Hénin-Carvin Township committee, Mission Bassin Minier and Lille Natural History Museum brought together with the support of the Interreg IV 2009-2012 European cross-border cooperation program.

...and action !

A single objective : to turn your exploring into a remarkable journey !
Allow us to be your guide !
© S. Dhote - MBM Raid Bassin Minier
© S. Dhote - MBM Raid Bassin Minier